Chandelier on the tree

You’re a bride to be walking down the aisle in 2017, searching for inspiration for the biggest day of your life. Let us inspire you! In the first of our series of tips and trends, we offer you a multitude of ideas for what’s hot in 2017, to help you visualize your perfect day.

So, whats sizzling in 2017? Vintage outdoor wedding glamour is where its at.

Find yourself an old rustic barn at a farm, a tipi in a forest, and fill with over the top candelabra and anything and everything natural, branches, trees, wooden benches. Create a soft, cosy warm ambience with candles, lanterns, sparkly fairy lights, and add that little touch of sumptuous. Glamping, without the camping.

We love a good outdoor wedding, take a look in our gallery for some vintage décor inspiration.